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For those of you for whom this is the first time doing a retreat, we offer you the following orientations.

As you begin this retreat, it is important to touch into your desires. What are your desires for yourself, for your family, your community, your Province, your congregation, the world?

Discernment is a very important element. Begin to discern in prayer the source of your desires: those that draw you towards God and those which draw you away from God.  

As you are making this retreat on your own, we invite you to establish an environment and a rhythm of prayer and reflection, silence and rest that is suitable and manageable for yourself.

We invite you to be faithful to prayer during your retreat.  This deepens your heart-to-heart relationship with God and creates memories with God.  At times you will experience joy and peace.  At other times you may feel you are struggling.  What is important is to stay with the experience that is real for you.

You might find it helpful to have personal accompaniment from a spiritual guide in your area as you make this retreat.  If you do not already have contact with a guide, you may find one through the website of Spiritual Directors International  

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