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To live out our commitment requires a creative fidelity: It is not about doing the same thing all the time, but it is about doing it in new ways, while remaining faithful to the initial inspiration within us, in communion with all created beings...

Welcome to this time of Retreat.  You have decided to set apart some time to deepen your relationship with God, who is with you and has taken the initiative in calling you to this experience.

A retreat is a spiritual experience.  Living a spiritual life means being aware of the presence of God in everything:  in our personal relationship with God, self, others and all of the Earth community.

God speaks to you through creation, your human experiences, your relationships, the Word of God and interior spiritual movements.  

We offer you this retreat which focusses on the theme of "Living in Creative Fidelity to God’s Personal Call; being who you are called to be".  It is designed as a 7 day retreat with two reflections per day.  You may of course use them as the Spirit moves you.   
"Living in Creative Fidelity" means developing your giftedness. The special "gift" lived out by members of Religious Congregations is often referred to as the charism of the group. It refers to a special sensitivity, a special capacity flowing from God’s grace.
In this retreat, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity and Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd offer you reflections enriched by some of the key intuitions of St. John Eudes and  St. Mary Euphrasia
: their radical faith in the divine presence; their profound sense of the importance and dignity of each person and their special sensitivity to the needs of marginalized women.  Our reflections will also be nourished by inspiring examples from our own times.

In each reflection, we also invite you to stay connected with the whole of the Earth community.

May your heart be enkindled with the fire of God’s love as you discover the uniqueness of your call.  May you commit yourself to live it creatively and faithfully.

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